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        First of all you need to choose the male and female that you want to breed. They should be between 3- 4 months and a year old. Since the bettas will have between 500 and 1000 eggs try to pick out a pair that has best characteristics that you can find both in color and in shape. The brood will only come out as good as the pair that you choose to breed!
When choosing the male look for a male that has a lot of energy. He should have strong color. If he is making a bubblenest this is a good sign that he is ready to breed. A female who is ready to breed will have a stomach that is well distended with eggs. She will look like she's ready to burst. 
BREEDING car006.jpg  

 The male and female should first be placed in adjoining containers where they can see each other clearly. It should be somewhere the fish will not be disturbed easily. Keep them in this position for about 3 to 5 days. 
At this point you can place the female in with the male. I place both of them into a new container that can be glass or clay. It should be at least five gallons and the water should not be very deep (not more than 5 inches). There should be a large leaf or piece of foam for the male to build his bubble nest. If you want to add blackwater extract it prepare the fish for breeding. Many people put the female into the male's tank but I change them both to a new tank. There should be some plants that the female can hide behind. 
In a day or two the male will begin to make his bubble nest 
After the male is finished with the nest he'll begin to try to draw the female to it. This can get very violent at times and the. female will for sure be torn up a bit. It's also important the male is bigger than the female. If not you may have a very sadly torn up male and no breeding. 
 His bubble nest  
Once the female is under the nest the male will encircle her and squeeze the female. The male will fertilize the eggs as they are coming out.
The male will then gather the eggs and put them in the nest. The female will look as if she has fainted. 
Once they are finished the male will drive the female from the nest. He will raise the young by himself. 
Very carefully remove the female from the tank without disturbing the nest. 
the young will begin to emerge from the eggs in a little over 24 hours. At this point they will still have the yolk attached and will still not be eating. As you see the yolk begin to go away it will be time to remove the male (about 5 days)